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ComNet Connects and Interconnects People

We value our relationships with clients and will go to great lengths to strengthen them. We want you to benefit from the expected operational benefits and an exceptional service experience not only during the project, but also for years to come.

Integration, Software Development, Installation, Deployment and Testing

Our team has an in-depth understanding of world-class security products, software and technologies. We have the proven ability to develop, deliver and support complex electronic and software-based systems. Our project management and process methodologies are scalable, no matter the size or complexity of the project.

Following the initial system design stage, we will follow through with system installation and integration, project management support, deployment, and testing. We will provide ongoing maintenance and help desk support to system users. This includes end user training.

Project Management

With more than 20 years of experience, ComNet has refined a proven approach to project management. We provide a full range of project management, engineering, blast studies, investigations, and reports on the feasibility of planning for new or additional physical security measures. Our project management methodology incorporates elements to:

  • manage the scope of work
  • control project costs and schedules
  • manage project risks
  • oversee configurations and data as required
  • coordinate subcontractors
  • ensure quality workmanship

Outline Implementation Plan

The value of an outline implementation plan is that our team and clients are informed at every juncture. The plan includes clarity on:

  • system engineering requirements
  • system design
  • team and project kick-off meetings
  • technical internal meetings
  • project management
  • regular project status reports
  • regular project review meetings

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Risk Management

Risk management is an important element of project management. We have a well-defined and rigorously applied risk management process which ensures the following key points are covered:

  • risk identification
  • assignment of ownership
  • risk analysis

Our technical and project status reviews ensure:

  • the proposed system design will fully satisfy your current and future requirements
  • the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) accurately reflects the anticipated work tasks and responsibility for their completion
  • the Master Schedule is based on realistic durations to perform the planned tasks and allows for any external restrictions such as building access
  • any special permissions are identified and received, in writing, before work proceeds
  • required training is delivered on time

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Once the work is under way, regular project status reviews will:

  • enable frequent and open communication
  • provide insight into the work in progress
  • identify any problems or difficulties that may have arisen
  • allow early resolution of issues
  • give our clients full visibility of the status of the work
  • identify where additional guidance or assistance may be necessary

5 key benefits for our clients:

  1. full-scale support: design and engineering; integration and software development; installation, deployment and testing; project management; maintenance and support; end user training
  2. an experienced team that delivers on schedule, to specification and within budget
  3. a suite of proven products to ensure reliable system operation and performance
  4. visibility and updates regarding the project schedule, cost, risk management, resources, technical performance, plan variances, etc.
  5. an exceptional service experience that is seamless and turnkey

For all your network and security needs, please do not hesitate to contact our ComNet team.

ComNet Networks and Security Inc.,


Ottawa Headquarters

ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
2191 Thurston Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6C9
Phone: +1 613 247-7778
Toll Free: +1 877 647-7778


ComNet réseaux et sécurité inc.
6782, rue Jarry Est
Saint-Léonard, Québec H1P 1W3
Phone: +1 514 344-6020


ComNet réseaux et sécurité inc.
4180, rue Seré
Saint-Laurent, Québec H4T 1A6
Phone: +1 819 370-6622


ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
614 Norris Court, Unit 7
Kingston, Ontario  K7P 2R9
Phone: +1 613 544-8841


ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
9078 Leslie St.
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3L8
Phone: +1 905 683-1100

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