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Security Begins with a Strategy

With so many security products on the market, how do you determine which options best serve your needs today, while ensuring they deliver the flexibility to scale tomorrow? Consulting an expert who can help you understand what and why you need it is a great place to start. From initial cabling and wiring to onsite security cameras and cloud-hosted monitoring technology, ComNet Networks and Security Inc. specializes in custom security systems design, finding the right security products, installation and integration, and ongoing support.

Security Systems

Our clients benefit from a holistic and people-centric approach to help protect what, and who, you value most. We partner with industry-leading security systems software, hardware and cloud-based platform vendors. After we fully understand your security needs, we will carefully review and recommend a security system that is ideal for your requirements:

  • Video management software, including facial recognition and advanced analytics
  • Electronic access control software solutions
  • Perimeter detection systems, including radar technologies, thermal imagery, sensors, etc.
  • Intrusion systems
  • Professional engineering services for custom solutions, design and deployments
  • Customized monitoring, including remote management systems

Specific to cloud-hosted security solutions, modern security systems have advanced situational awareness far faster and far beyond the capabilities of human eyes, ears, speech, and touch. Whether your project is a new construction, fit-up or addition, ComNet will ensure you have the level of security you need.


  • Access Control – Genetec, Lenel, AMAG Technology, Honeywell, SALTO Systems, S2 Security, Kantech, Feenics
  • VMS (Video Management Systems) – Genetec, Exacq Technologies, S2 Security, Milestone Systems, WaveStore, Hanwha Techwin
  • Camera Manufacturers – (Samsung / Hanwha, Bosch, AXIS)
  • Security / Intrusion – (DSC, Honeywell, Bosch,
  • Mass Notification / Emergency Notification – (Code Blue, Aiphone, Viking, Mircom, Algo)
  • Telephony – (AVAYA, Panasonic)

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Video Surveillance

The global video surveillance (VMS and CCTV) market has grown rapidly in recent years. Gone are the days when organizations had to rely on analog systems with blurry camera footage on tape backups. Modern digital video technology features high-fidelity image capture under variable lighting and weather conditions, connected over a robust network architecture.

Video compression algorithms, cloud-based storage options, and data management tools make it easy to manage terabytes of video and image data. You will always have within reach the visual evidence you need, when you need it. Organizations of any size, and even individuals, now have access to cost-effective and scalable options to secure their most critical assets and provide peace of mind.

7 reasons to choose video surveillance:

  • provide a visual deterrent to scare off wrongdoers before they act
  • verify the urgency of an alarm, such as fire or intrusion
  • capture crucial visual evidence and store it indefinitely
  • digital and cloud integration are cost-effective
  • confirm the effectiveness of established procedures
  • monitor remote locations against risks, such as flooding
  • ensure the well-being of personnel working alone or remotely

ComNet Networks and Security Inc. video surveillance options feature more flexible applications, increased integration, and new big data and analytics capabilities.

Our video surveillance integrated capabilities include:

  • intelligent camera surveillance (PTZ, (interior/exterior))
  • thermal, wireless camera systems, designed to operate in extreme environments
  • industrial-grade, shock-and-explosion-proof cameras
  • video management software, including video verification and analytics
  • data capture
  • customized monitoring, including remote management systems

Get eyes where you need them, always.

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Access Control

Whether it is controlling the flow of people or safekeeping your critical assets and infrastructure, access control is critical to the safety and stability of your business. At ComNet Networks and Security Inc., we create access control systems based on:

  • what a person owns (key, access card)
  • what a person knows (password, PIN)
  • what a person is (biometric characteristics)

ComNet can provide your facility or organization with a robust and reliable access control capability that is adapted to your situation. Our team works with multiple vendors, enabling us to choose from common off-the-shelf platforms available today. We will install and integrate all the functions of the physical protection system.

  • card access
  • biometrics authentication
  • mobile credentials
  • physical thresholds such as gates and turnstiles for pedestrian and motor vehicle circulation

You can also upgrade to an IoT-enabled access control system, where every lock, card reader, controller and other associated devices are assigned unique IP addresses. ComNet will connect these devices through wireless networks to a mobile or software application.

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Perimeter Detection

A perimeter detection system is your first line of defence against physical risks and threats. ComNet will install and integrate the most reliable system, engineered to perform in Canada’s most extreme environmental conditions.

  • copper and fibre-based fence system integration
  • buried sensors
  • intelligent sensors
  • scalable networking and control options
  • user-friendly interface
  • alarms, intercoms and mass notification

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Intrusion Systems

Protect your property and your assets. An intrusion system will scan for nuisances, malicious activity and protocol violations.

  • cameras, sensors, locks, communication equipment, sirens
  • real-time alerts to any mobile device or security operations centre
  • pre-set alarm settings for security or emergency response
  • duress systems (panic alarms)
  • intercoms and mass notification
  • analytics for security information and event management systems
  • IoT system installation and integration

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