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There has been a global surge in the number of electronic devices manufactured with internet capability. As users interact with an increasing number of connected (wireless) and interconnected (IoT-enabled) devices, the need for reliable, high-speed and secure connectivity is changing how people live and work.

Before You Set up a Wi-Fi Network …

Bandwidth is not unlimited. The more people who are using the network at the same time, the slower it becomes. Be sure to look well beyond your present business and technological needs:

  • How many employees do you have?
  • What activities does each person perform regularly?
  • How many connected devices are they using?
  • Is your current network meeting their needs?
  • Are you ready for next-generation standards like Wi-Fi 6?

ComNet Networks and Security Inc. offers turnkey wireless network design, implementation and management services. We’ll get you future-ready for next-generation standards.

Wireless Heat Mapping

Discover where the wireless signal coverage and strength will be most needed (and wanted) with Wi-Fi heat mapping. For buildings and projects of any size, ComNet will provide you with a graphical representation of a wireless signal.

Wireless Site Surveys

Is your Wi-Fi coverage and performance not meeting your needs? Gain visibility into your wireless LAN (WLAN). ComNet will optimize your wireless network by:

  • walk-testing and auditing for rogue access points and unauthorized workstations
  • diagnosing cross-channel interference (RF interference)
  • increasing network capacity and roaming capability
  • setting the most effective range boundary to support performance requirements
  • recommending ways to improve data rates

Wi-Fi Design

ComNet can plan and design a fully optimized wireless network to deliver the wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, and roaming capacity you need by:

  • interviewing IT management and stakeholders to understand end user priorities
  • analyzing building floor plans
  • inspecting the facility
  • identifying optimum installation locations for access points

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