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We Never Hang Up on Our Clients

Our simple philosophy is that a phone system should be easy to use, powerful and affordable.

As a turnkey and full-service voice and data cabling specialist, ComNet Networks and Security Inc. deploys reliable, flexible and scalable multi-line phone systems with complete mailbox and password administration. We also offer phone system relocation, or we can upgrade older phone systems to newer digital, VoIP, premises-based and hosted PBX systems. Benefits:

  • eliminate chances for missed or dropped calls
  • be heard clearly by your valued customers
  • come back to us for after-sales support, maintenance and troubleshooting services


  • Avaya
  • TOA Canada
  • Panasonic

Vendor Neutral Recommendations

Our relationships with several mainstream Tier 1 manufacturers empower us to provide unbiased recommendations—because our clients deserve a phone system that is right for them (not a brand that is pitched to them). We will also recommend:

  • line sharing devices
  • conference telephones
  • headsets and wireless headsets


Phones that rely on standard copper communication cabling are easy to use and manage. They have all the core functions you would expect from a phone system such as voicemail, call forwarding, hold, mute, and automated call attendant. A landline phone service can be especially useful during power outages and large-scale emergency situations.

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Hosted VoIP

As more systems are being moved to an IP platform and centrally located through either a server or cloud solution, demand for voice over IP (VoIP) continues to increase. With the introduction of hosted solutions like hosted VoIP, our strategic partnerships enable us to connect you to the solution that’s right for you:

  • Avaya
  • Panasonic
  • VoIP Stratus

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Once installed, prem-based (premises-based) phone systems can be expanded as needed. For example, individual extensions or brand offices can be added to a central system. Although premises-based systems require an upfront capital cost and advance planning, once installed, basic maintenance is very straightforward and inexpensive.

  • Avaya
  • Panasonic

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Phone Entry Systems

Phone entry systems or smartphone-enabled video intercom systems are great access control devices to include in a physical security plan. Program them remotely for instant and easy updates and to create an audit trail for an event log. Multiple buildings can be networked together.

ComNet Networks and Security Inc. can integrate your phone entry systems with other physical security devices such as access control, perimeter detection, intrusion, video management, video surveillance (CCTV) systems, and threat level lockdown systems.

  • AiPhone
  • Mircom
  • Viking

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Safe Campus – Threat Level Lockdown

ComNet Networks and Security Inc. helps protect children and young adults by integrating school building or campus networks, security systems and communication devices onto the same technology backbone.

From electronic door locks and call buttons to strobe lights, two-way paging systems and security cameras, school building or campus staff and families can have greater peace of mind knowing that a threat level lockdown can be activated immediately across all systems during an emergency.

We have worked closely with the following network partners to refine the most reliable and resilient threat level lockdown solution, called Safe Campus:

ComNet offers similar services: Mass Notification, PA Systems, Emergency Signalling and Nurse Call

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