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Audio visual technology is making it easier to collaborate and connect—in person or virtually. As devices become more intuitive and user-friendly, ComNet Networks and Security Inc. can take the pain away from installation, setup, maintenance, and future upgrades.

If you want to take your AV system to the next level and fully integrate it with all your building systems and devices, consider an IoT-enabled smart audio visual system as part of a fully-integrated smart building upgrade.


The COVID-19 pandemic forced late adopters of boardroom technologies to navigate a rapid learning curve. Ready or not, AV solutions for boardrooms are the new normal:

  • video conferencing
  • wireless, portable cameras
  • 360-degree video cameras
  • boardroom booking software
  • digital white boards
  • collaborative tools
  • tabletop solutions (hidden panels)
  • voice-activated commands

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Gymnasiums and Auditoriums

Modern-day gymnasiums and auditoriums are purpose-built to be multi-functional.

  • smart controls (motion sensing, step dimming, grouping signals, and programmable scheduling)
  • intuitive, user-friendly digital smartphone apps
  • automated screens and one touch control panels
  • retractable stands to maximize space for AV presentations
  • quick connect for power hookup
  • sound systems integrated with large screen displays
  • no warm-up delays and instant on/off
  • occupancy sensors
  • temperature controls (BAS) energy-saving controls during non-use times
  • lighting and audio dimming controls

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Digital White Boards

Equipped with a stylus and digital eraser for cloud-based collaboration, digital whiteboards are a paperless, real-time boardroom solution. Quality products will include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • HD camera
  • built-in speakers
  • quick-touch response time
  • embedded search feature
  • collaborative functionality

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Collaborative System Aids

More advanced smart boards include collaborative features that enables the white board to connect to other devices through a USB connection or wirelessly.

Users can view content on their smartphone or laptop and share content from their personal device to the collaborative white board. Video conferencing can also be seamlessly incorporated.

Com-Net recommends security features to protect content from being accessed by unauthorized users.

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Digital Displays

Get carousel-style rotating images and messages with digital displays. As an emergency preparedness measure, digital displays can also be connected to security systems and be programmed to auto-switch to emergency messaging in conjunction with PA systems, alarms, intelligent lock systems, etc.

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