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Data Centre Infrastructure Management – DCIM

ComNet Networks and Security Inc. installs and integrates infrastructure management (IM) solutions for global data centres (DCIM) and enterprise IT environments across Canada and around the world.

No matter the complexity or scale of the project, we consolidate all the information you need to your IT infrastructure’s facilities, equipment, network paths, power, and environmental data—from anywhere to anywhere.

IM Solution + Process + Maturity = Enterprise IM Success

  • unrivalled price point and value
  • no changes to your current physical infrastructure
  • highly configurable single source data attributes, information consolidation and tracking
  • combination of customized data imports, mobile audits and environmental discovery
  • complete visibility of the structure
  • strong workflow (history and blog tracking)
  • intuitive user interfaces and software
  • training and process consulting
  • work in existing installations regardless of vendor
  • implementation that supports multiple locations with global views of the enterprise
  • manage any type of power or data connectivity
  • a full read/write API and scripting engine
  • mobile solutions for data queries (offline platform in case there is no Wi-Fi or cell connection)
  • barcode and RFID support
  • highly secure and scalable—from a few hundred devices to millions

We get our clients up and running as soon as possible and keep the IM solution running smoothly for years to come.

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Benefits: Configurability, Connectivity, Integration

  • complete visibility of the IT infrastructure
  • reduced operational and capital costs
  • increased life of current IT facilities
  • reduced facility power consumption
  • measurement and reporting on environmental impact
  • logical and physical information in a single location
  • corporate compliance using audit modules
  • trusted data that is known to be up-to-date
  • informed changes based on full information
  • significant reduction in planning and troubleshooting time
  • access to data anywhere with mobile options
  • removal of spreadsheet misery


  • banks and financial institutions
  • corporate data centers
  • government
  • military installations
  • universities and campuses
  • medium and large office environments
  • airline and airport industry
  • telecomunication industry (telcos)

Key Features

  • Environmental and capacity monitoring
  • Rack and data centre views
  • Full dashboard and historical data
  • Complete mobility
  • Network discovery and monitoring
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Pathway and conduit management
  • End-to-end connectivity management
  • Advanced audit module
  • User extensible to store exactly the data required
  • Multi-user and global enterprise-ready
  • Read/write API
  • Hardware and manufacturer independent
  • Unrivalled per-rack installed price point


  • Server module using Microsoft SQL
  • desktop and web client
  • historical dashboard widgets
  • ms windows mobile handheld computer application
  • smartphone and tablet app (Apple, Android)
  • read/write web services SOAP API
  • export/import of data from XLS/CSV formats
  • scheduling module for historical, reports, scripts
  • full implementation, training and ongoing support services

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ComNet Networks and Security Inc.,


Ottawa Headquarters

ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
2191 Thurston Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6C9
Phone: +1 613 247-7778
Toll Free: +1 877 647-7778


ComNet réseaux et sécurité inc.
6782, rue Jarry Est
Saint-Léonard, Québec H1P 1W3
Phone: +1 514 344-6020


ComNet réseaux et sécurité inc.
4180, rue Seré
Saint-Laurent, Québec H4T 1A6
Phone: +1 819 370-6622


ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
614 Norris Court, Unit 7
Kingston, Ontario  K7P 2R9
Phone: +1 613 544-8841


ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
9078 Leslie St.
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3L8
Phone: +1 905 683-1100

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