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About ComNet – Our Story

Proudly Canadian, ComNet Networks and Security Inc. is a leading IoT networks and security systems integration company. We have been future-proofing buildings and urban infrastructures with a full range of design, engineering, integration, management, and support services for more than 20 years.

ComNet has the proven track record and resources to network and secure clients across Canada: federal, provincial, and municipal governments, critical infrastructure, data centres, utilities, universities, hospitals, as well as industrial and commercial companies.

Integration and Convergence

From our earliest years specializing in communication cabling and network solutions, we have advanced to embrace next-era technologies such as PoE-enabled devices, IoT networks, integrated security systems, and network convergence.

Aligned with industry trends, ComNet’s story is also about integration and convergence:

  • In 2018, we began to grow our team beyond our offices in Ottawa, Montréal and Kingston, joining forces with Commissionaires Ottawa Group to expand our services to include physical security, threat risk assessments, digital fingerprinting, background checks, and more.
  • In 2019, DBP Systems, based in the Greater Toronto Area (Ajax), was welcomed into the ComNet family. We value their experience and people, which have strengthened and expanded the IoT networks side of our business.
  • In 2020, we welcomed the talent of Extravision Security Technologies Inc., with offices in Trois-Rivières, Montréal, Ottawa, and Mississauga. Their expertise in security systems integration have made ComNet’s services more scalable, turn-key and seamless than ever before.

In our pursuit of meeting an increasing global demand for safer communities and smarter buildings, ComNet will continue to grow our talent and market reach.

Our Commitment to the Environment

As a company with a purpose focused on protecting and improving our clients’ critical networks, security systems and assets, we are mindful of our responsibility to the ecological well-being of the planet on which we all live. Through our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation, our employees work together to manage and creatively reduce our footprint, embrace new opportunities for conservation, and embed sustainability practices into our business strategy and everything we do.

Contact ComNet Networks and Security Inc. today

ComNet Networks and Security Inc.,


Ottawa Headquarters

ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
2191 Thurston Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6C9
Phone: +1 613 247-7778
Toll Free: +1 877 647-7778


ComNet réseaux et sécurité inc.
6782, rue Jarry Est
Saint-Léonard, Québec H1P 1W3
Phone: +1 514 344-6020


ComNet réseaux et sécurité inc.
4180, rue Seré
Saint-Laurent, Québec H4T 1A6
Phone: +1 819 370-6622


ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
614 Norris Court, Unit 7
Kingston, Ontario  K7P 2R9
Phone: +1 613 544-8841


ComNet Networks and Security Inc.
9078 Leslie St.
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3L8
Phone: +1 905 683-1100

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