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Cormant-CS Overview

cormant-cs-stylusCormant-CS (formerly CableSolve) from Cormant has been delivering Infrastructure Management (IM) solutions to data centers (DCIM), campus and enterprise IT environments world-wide since 2003. The Cormant-CS IM suite solves the problem of infrastructure management through the use of a complete technology solution that includes Network, Client, Web and Mobile components.

The Solution

infrastructure_managementInfrastructure Management: Cormant-CS is recognized as one of the leading DCIM solutions world-wide. However, Cormant-CS is also the leading IM solution for management of office and campus environments. With Cormant-CS it is possible to consolidate all information necessary to manage the IT infrastructure – wherever and whatever it is.

customersCustomers: Cormant-CS’s customers include global banks, financial institutions, multi-national commercial customers, governments, universities, hospitals and the military. In fact, any large user of IT will benefit from Cormant-CS’s infrastructure management.

Locations: We recognize the global requirement for Infrastructure Management. To support this Cormant has offices or partners on six continents to work with customers wherever required.

im_successIM Success: At Cormant we believe that infrastructure management success is more than just software. We believe the equation is IM Solution + Process + Maturity = Enterprise IM Success. Cormant have staff and trained partners who are able to supply customers a full range of components including software, training, process consulting, implementation and auditing services. All are designed to get customers up and running as soon as possible and keep the IM solution running smoothly for years to come.

valueValue: An important factor when choosing any IM solution should be the total cost of implementation. Cormant-CS is delivered at an unrivaled price point. With over 8 years of experience the Cormant-CS implementation process has been honed to use a combination of imports, mobile audits, and discovery to provide the lowest implementation cost in the industry. Cormant-CS requires no changes to your current physical infrastructure and works with existing installations regardless of vendor.

The Product

information_consilidationInformation Consolidation: The Cormant-CS suite is highly configurable, allowing users to create any data attributes required to provide a uniquely customized view of the enterprise IT infrastructure environment. Configurability provides ‘just enough’ management; that is, tracking only what is important to your organization. Customization also means that all current IT infrastructure data can be imported, whatever the source.

visibilityVisibility: Cormant-CS uses configurability, network and environmental discovery and historical data to provide complete visibility of the infrastructure. The holistic view of the IT infrastructure Cormant-CS provides means better, faster and more accurate decisions when planning or making change. Cormant-CS supports multiple locations from a single instance providing a global view of the enterprise.

connectivityConnectivity: Cormant-CS is able to quickly and easily document connections in the entire infrastructure, both power and data, to ensure complete management. Cormant-CS is able to manage any type of power or data connectivity.

Mobility: Mobility is part of the Cormant-CS DNA – it has been part of the solution since 2001. mobilityCormant believes that unless mobile solutions exist for data query, the execution of work orders and recording changes in an IM solution will never be accurate. Cormant-CS includes an offline platform to ensure data is available even if a Wi-Fi or cell connection is not. Barcode and RFID support is included and supports instant identification of any device.

trustTrust: By providing the combination of a configurable single source of data, unmatched mobile data updates, strong work-flow and intuitive user-interfaces, facilities and IT teams are able to view accurate, up-to-date data. Trusted data means users rely on the information as a single source of truth for future deployment and capacity planning.

change_managementChange Management: Cormant-CS includes a full configurable work-flow module that can be used to manage 1 change or 100,000 changes. The work-flow includes history and blog tracking for ongoing visibility of the change process.

securitySecurity: All parts of the Cormant-CS suite are protected, granting users access to different modules of the system according to their security roles.

scalabilityScalability: Cormant-CS is used globally by some of the largest IT organizations in the world, including top 10 banks and financial institutions. Cormant-CS is proven to scale from a few hundred devices to millions.

extend_query_integrateExtend, Query, Integrate: The Cormant-CS suite includes a full read/write API and scripting engine to extend query functionality and to ensure integration with existing tools.

For a list of features visit our at a glance page.

To learn more about Cormant-CS you can contact us via our Contact Form or see our Contact Info page for a list of phone numbers.

Cormant-CS At-a-glance

Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve) is a leading IT infrastructure management solution used globally by mid-to-very-large organizations in the data center (DCIM) and beyond.

Cormant-CS consolidates IT information about the facility, enterprise assets, infrastructure, environmental data and related connectivity. The holistic view of the IT infrastructure Cormant-CS provides means better, faster, more accurate decisions when planning and making change. Cormant-CS is portable so it is applicable to all areas where IT is present, including data centers, telecommunication rooms, work areas and campus environments.

Customer Benefits

  • Complete visibility of the IT Infrastructure
  • Reduced operational and capital costs
  • Increased life of current IT facilities
  • Reduced facility power consumption
  • Measurement and reporting on environmental impact
  • customer_benefitsLogical and physical information in a single location
  • Corporate compliance using audit modules
  • Trusted data that is known to be up-to-date
  • Informed change based on full information
  • Significant reduction in planning and troubleshooting time
  • Access to data anywhere with mobile options
  • Removal of spreadsheet misery


  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Corporate Data centers
  • Government
  • implementationsMilitary installations
  • Universities and campuses
  • Medium and large office environments
  • Airline and airport industry
  • Telecomunication Industry (Telcos)

Key Features

  • Environmental and capacity monitoring
  • Rack and Data center views
  • Full dashboard and historical data
  • Complete mobility
  • Network discovery and monitoring
  • Asset tracking and management
  • key_featuresPathway and conduit management
  • End-to-end connectivity management
  • Advanced audit module
  • User extensible to store exactly the data required
  • Multi-user and global enterprise-ready
  • Read/write API
  • Hardware and manufacturer independent
  • Unrivalled per-rack installed price point

Cormant-CS Components

  • Comnet041Server module using Microsoft SQL
  • Desktop and Web Client
  • Historical dashboard widgets
  • cormant-cs_componentsMS Windows Mobile handheld computer application
  • Smartphone and tablet app (Apple, BlackBerry and Android)
  • Read/Write web services SOAP API
  • Export/Import of data from XLS/CSV formats
  • Scheduling module for historical, reports, scripts
  • Full implementation, training and ongoing support services


The Cormant-CS DCIM suite is designed to manage the entire IT Infrastructure, including facilities, equipment, network paths, power and environmental data.

Assets & Connectivity

Cormant-CS’s asset and connectivity tracking ensure every asset is recorded and any type of connection, power or data, is managed no matter how complex.

Access Anywhere

Cormant-CS offers mobile access to information from any location. Our Windows Mobile software enables offline access plus instant identification using barcodes or RFID.


Cormant-CS is completely configurable and vendor neutral; it can manage any infrastructure regardless of type, with precisely the data fields your organization demands.


Cormant-CS utilizes SNMP, XML and CLI to integrate with any network enabled devices in your infrastructure. Cormant-CS also offers a read/write API for intersystem integrations.

Trusted Data

Combining mobility and configurability means data you can trust. Capacity planning and work-flow life cycle management just got a whole lot less stressful.

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